PSOATransRun Web-based Service

Online access to built-in-free PSOA RuleML: Interactively create/change Knowledge Bases (KBs) and Queries,
Translating them from Source (PSOA Presentation Syntax) to Target (TPTP) form for execution in Runtime system.

Target Language: Prolog TPTP
Target language "Prolog" not yet provided for PSOATransRun Web-based Service
Direct Translator TPTP-ASO-based Translator

KB Target

Constants "..." and "_..." become "'_...'". Variables "?..." become "Q...".

Query Source

Query Target

Execution Result

If a non-ground query is successful, all of its results will be shown, with one answer-variable
substitution line for each result. If a query fails, "No" will be printed.